3DS Price Drop: Desperate Measure? Genius Move? or Both?

GP blogger, Ordinary Gentleman writes, "Starting August 12, Nintendo will drop the Nintendo 3DS’ retail price from $249.99 to $169.99 – an unprecedented drop in Nintendo’s history of pricing.
What could have contributed to this drastic cut? I for one think it a result of shrewd business mixed with damage control."

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Misterhbk2579d ago

my thing is, why haven't they addressed the fact that this is going to kill the original DS line a lot earlier than they had anticipated it dying. Right now this thing is price the same as a DSiXL and only slightly higher than the DSi. Who in their right mind would rather pick up one of those instead of grabbing the 3DS which can play all the same games for the same price?

This is obviously going to effect their projected DS sales, and it won't be long before its taken out of production. I'm no psychic so I could be wrong, but do they just not care about the DS all of a sudden?

Knushwood Butt2578d ago

To be honest, Nintendo we pretty short-sighted trying to support 2 handheld systems at the same time.

Sure, they tried to help the situation by making the 3DS backward compatible, but now there really is no reason to buy a DS.

Wii seems to be left for dead too.

nopunctuation2578d ago

According to wikipedia, the 3ds costs 101 USD to make. Why did they release it at such a high price?

NukaCola2578d ago

Kinect costs $54. It's profit. Most goes to pay off R&D, Marketing, etc

-Alpha2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

It's both, obviously, though I wouldn't use the word "genius". Rather, they are shifting their original confidence to something more in line with the reality: fact of the matter is that currently, the 3DS has lower appeal to even that of the original DS.

Nintendo has been humbled, and with that comes the shame of being too proud and overconfident. As a result, people are going to attack Nintendo like they did Sony.

Look at it this way: the Wii was out for 3 years before it got a measly $50 price reduction

The 3DS has been out for 6 months (?) and it drops $80

Clearly, with the PSV's superior hardware for the same price, the iPhone pushing up on casual audiences, and Nintendo's lack of games for the entire summer, Nintendo needed to do something drastic to push sales along. They may have to sell at a loss, but Nintendo can surely manage that considering their crazy success.

It's not as if they are doomed either. They have a very attractive price point come August 12th, and the powerhouse exclusives. They simply just aren't going to be as successful as they were with the DS

noxeven2578d ago

I read some were that they were making 170 dollars profit per system at the old price point. I don't know if that's true but I heard someone last night say they only took a 30 dollar loss at this price drop

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2579d ago

Maybe Portalble gaming is dying. Idk about you guys but i like to play my ipod touch for games when im on the go, short and simple games.

But the Vita is looking very neat and is probally intimidating the 3ds.

Raendom2578d ago

I have an iPod touch but never really use it for games, mostly because when playing a game the battery gets killed, and also because you suck cock.

beast242tru2578d ago

thats a huge drop in price holy crap i think i mite actually buy one and i know nintendo is scared as hell of vita for sure i want the vita more but im gonna hav best of both worlds

MasterCornholio2578d ago

Settle down a bit. Its looks extremely tempting at that price point. But i am pretty sure that Nintendo will release a better version of the 3DS with vastly inmproved battery life.

2578d ago
MasterCornholio2578d ago

Nintendo had to drop the price because of the Vita. Now buyers can use price as a reason to pick the 3DS over the Vita.

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