Norwegian retail chain pulls WoW, Violent Games in response to Oslo tragedy |

Excerpt from the article: "While Norway attempts to repair, recover, and rebuild after last week’s horrific terror attack that left 77 people dead and many more injured, Norwegian video game retailers across the country are taking a closer look at what they will and won’t sell now and in the future. According to two websites, one Norwegian, the other Danish, the retail chain Coop Norway has decided to pull both World of Warcraft and Call of Duty, as well as a slew of other violent video games, from store shelves. In a statement by Geir Inge Stokke, Director of Sales at Coop Norway, he explains that the removal of these games was out of consideration for the victims of the attack."

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Prcko2544d ago

Stupid decision.
Then they need to remove all violent movies from shelves,and all violent stuff from country.
I know people died,but why to attack video games because of this???