[GAMINGtruth]The Real Deal: Nintendo Bandages Deep Price Cut

The Nintendo3DS is slated to take a huge price drop, but are gamers willing to just take the games and run?

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charmer2612d ago

nintendo made the correct move when they needed to.. its that simple

axisofweevils2612d ago

Waa! Waaa! Nintendo only offered me 20 free games!

Talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth. They didn't have to offer you anything. As an early adopter, you knew the risks. And it's 21 free games - remember Excitebike?

LaWiiG2611d ago

I'm not saying that it wasn't a good move, I'm saying that they 1. admitted wrong by givin up free swag 2. I have a ton of retro titles and have supported Nintendo for a long time, so what good are these to me?

I did get excitebike. I also have the original. I think they should have stuck the 199.99 price tag in the first place and we would be here.

Also, 3DS prices for launch titles i'm guessing will be getting the same treatment come Aug.