Dragon Ball Z: BT3 hits your TV with this commercial

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 will hit the stores tomorrow. Since today it will also hit your TV with this new commercial. Still not sure to buy or not? Hit the link and watch the video on Dutch gaming website

Hit the link to see the TV spot

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Loopy4055d ago

Is commerical a new form of comic commercial?

Or more like a commerce ad?

Yes, I'm a typo groucher.

Bor4055d ago

Haha i'm sorry man, it's fixed

Ri0tSquad4055d ago

on the next gen consoles.

jinn4055d ago

unfortunately, my tv cannot handle the poor graphics

Bor4055d ago

Hahaha, i think a lot of gamers will have that problem Jinn

BloodySinner4055d ago

"unfortunately, my tv cannot handle the poor graphics" - ROFL!

Bor4055d ago

As you can see on top, it will release on PS2 and Wii.

Ares844055d ago

That blows!! I wanted to see this on the PS3!! I know I can buy the PS2 version and play it on the PS3 but still.

d3l33t4055d ago

no one can beat me in 2, hear that? NO [email protected]!!

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