How 3DS tribulations will turn into WiiU triumph

In light of Nintendo's announcement of a 3DS price drop and a negative quarterly net-income, GameRabies writer VladN brings you an article that looks at how Nintendo can best benefit from the 3DS lackluster launch and best ensure a WiiU triumph.

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jacen1002609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

were did he buy a wii on releast at $150 thats about 92 british pounds and i can tell u that they were more then that in the uk they were over £150 were they not i cant actually remember what i paid for mine but i had it preordered and got it on release day but there is no way in hell it was £92, also $300 for a wiiU i cant see it somehow thats £180 , i rekon u will be paying £250 for a wiiu maby more, so hes saying that the wiiU will be nomore than a 3ds? i cant see it somehow

Brasi822607d ago

He states that the $250 price tag was lower than the competitions. "Nintendo Wii was $150 less than the next lowest priced competition"

Shok2609d ago

Basically, Nintendo is learning from their mistakes with the 3DS (and Wii for that matter) and applying them to the Wii U.

mike1up2608d ago

Nice article.
Whatever price that they choose for the WiiU i have a hard time believing that Nintendo will sell a home console at a loss. Nintendo wont sell the WiiU cheaper than what it cost to make.

All they need to focus on now is making the WiiU worth the money. If the quality titles are there, then people will pay the 300 plus dollars. Personally i dont think that Pikmin 3 alone can carry the WiiU at launch. Theyre gonna need another first party powerhouse.

charmer2608d ago

i think its a mistake to say 3ds tribulation since the 3ds is still less then a years old and with the price drop and games this holiday...that will be a forgotten story.....the wiiu honestly is the one system im truly excited over and it will sell like crazy

N4g_null2608d ago

The wiiu depends on if they can repeat wii play or sports. The pack in game and a two wiimote pluses and a classic pad with demos of Zelda and other hardcore games would seal the deal. Yet they will get differed sales if the software is not there just as Sony did with the ps3.

jacen1002608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

this gen could be decided on whoever can give the most punch for your £££ nintendo are in a good position this time around becaue if its 50/75% more powerfull than current gen and the same price or even cheaper they are on a winner i think?