Accessories Not Included: Gaming Accessories That Should Have Come With Your Hardware

Game Podunk's blogger, DrStrangeLove writes, "We're living in a world where controllers come in pieces, wasteful hunks of plastic powered by batteries that die at the most inopportune times, and so many different TV cords to choose from you might as well go bonkers. But at least all of these things are nicely bundled with their respective technological partners, right? No! You want a controller that comes in three parts?! Sorry, heres two parts! Have fun finding the other piece! Oh, you're just now joining the HD generation? Here's some fifteen year old AV cables, hope you don't waste $100 buying an HDMI cable at Best Buy! Its ridiculous! These items should come bundled in with the items you purchased. How is the average casual gaming family supposed to know the Playstation Move doesn't come with a navigation controller? That's what this blog is for! I'm going to point out the things that aren't included but should be. Prepared to be shamed game companies."

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Canary2613d ago

The Wii should have come with a Wiimote with sufficient buttons to play SNES and N64 games. The Nunchuck should have been wireless. Bluetooth instead of IR. Wiimote should be designed to play NGC games, too.

And rechargable internal batteries.

The 360 controller just needed to have rechargeable batteries.

The PS3's controller/acessories out of the box are flawless (now).

dangert122613d ago

I agree the wii-mote and nunchuck should not be sold together. nor should move and the nav - controller and on a technical stand point why does the nav controller cost so much? its half of a ds3 with no six axis and the nunchuk should always come with the wii mote its not like you have an pad opition

jeeves862613d ago

I 100% agree about the battery packs with the 360 controllers and the HDMI/component cables with any console. The wireless adapter with the 360's price point was kind of a bummer, too. Still pretty steep for a white G adapter too, unless you're doing some sleuthing.

Urrakia342613d ago

Who would blow $100 on an HDMI cable when you can get a perfectly good one at $5-$20?

Quagmire2612d ago

Unaware customers. I once saw a Jb Hi-Fi employee attempting to sell someone a customer a choice of Hdmi cables, either the $60 or $100 ones.

Truly disgusting, how is it not illegal?

DanSolo2613d ago

I think the Move controller should just have come with analogue sticks built in.... then you could still have play games that don't require it, but would have the option to play with analogue sticks as required!

Just imagine playing Skyrim with 2 Move controllers that had analogue sticks.... Running around as usual with the sticks, but when it came to Archery, Sword and Shield, Two Sword fighting, and Spell Casting it would come into it's own, I think it would make PS3 THE console to play Skyrim on hands down for those with a choice!