Resistance 3 Beta Codes Being Sent Out as We Speak

You might have a surprise waiting for you in your inbox!

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samoon2366d ago

I got 2!! Let's hope they hurry up and let us redeem em soon cause I keep getting errors.

Nitrowolf22366d ago

You are Lucky, i'm still waiting

Best2366d ago Show
Blacktric2366d ago (Edited 2366d ago )

Since when do the sales numbers matter for God's sake? Just shut up and play whatever you want instead of trolling like this. Resistance 3 will be a great game.

user83971442366d ago

Please don't feed the troll, leave him alone in his cage.

MaxXAttaxX2366d ago

Not sure if you're being serious or just trying to be funny...

Silly gameAr2366d ago

Best to ignore that guy. It seems he's feeling a little insecure.

NiKK_4192366d ago

Just got my code! downloading now. See you guys there :)

SSKILLZ2366d ago

@ best LMAO ,Quick trolling is quick ! Any way I want my code!

Sub4Dis2366d ago

did you have to submit something somewhere to get invited? so many betas recently, this one completely slipped past my radar. i'd like to play it though. info (or a code) would be nice. :)

Natsu892365d ago

Got 2 codes. One for me and the other for a friend, but no one can connect to a server!

Lifendz2365d ago

Surprised I didn't get a code. If anyone wants to trade an R3 code for a BF3 beta code let me know.

Livin_in_a_box2365d ago

I've got my code and I've played a few matches of team deathmatch.

It's not as good as I thought it was going to be but it is a beta so hopefully it will see some improvements...

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liore2366d ago

Could I please please please have a code I really want to play it I would really appreciate it

samoon2366d ago

If my friend doesn't want it, I'll pass it on to you :D

Pacman3212366d ago

I got mine too, but it doesn't work for some reason...

Reborn2366d ago

Maybe you get errors because..

"The code can only be redeemed using a North American PSN account but can be played on any account as the message clearly states."

A guess though.

Pacman3212366d ago

I tried redeeming the code on a USA account and it still doesn't work, apparently insomniac are saying its from Sony's end and not theirs.

Gray-Fox-Type02366d ago (Edited 2366d ago )

Goes to inbox*


Nothing there, Oh well no big deal.

-Mezzo-2366d ago

Hey if someone has an Extra Beta Code (Thats Comes With Socom 4), throw it towards me. =]

aaabbbccc43242366d ago

its probably darn region specific meaning as usual new zealand gets nothing

egidem2366d ago


sackb0y2366d ago

aww damn i didnt get the email.I signed up two weeks ago. im so sad I wonder if I can contact anybody to help me get a code

finbars752366d ago (Edited 2366d ago )

im playing the closed beta right now and it's awesome.You guys have no idea of whats in store.So balanced great graphics and I love the way your body moves when you run a lot more realistic.Today was the first day I had to listen to the COD fanboys whine about the game saying that you should be able to reload as your running which was funny.It's not COD it is is own style game.Loive the perks ect.Cant wait for you guys to play it next week going to love it.

BrianG2366d ago

Agreed, a good Beta experience so far on my end as well.

I downloaded it last night and started it up about 2 hours ago. No complaints yet.

E-Binnz2366d ago

You can't reload while running in Cod, but regardless this game is awesome.

Getowned2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

wait so the beta is running? i have a beta key from when i got socom i wonder if that works for i have to wait until the 6th like the card said.hmm

finbars752365d ago

Getowned there where under 1000 people invited to a rare closed beta before next weeks beta starts.I wasn't saying that there was reloading while running in COD the people complaining about the game where.Thought it was weird myself but I don't really play COD I'm more of a Battlefield fan.Well back to playing the beta so sweeeeeet.

Getowned2365d ago

oh ok thanks for clearing that up i was worried i was missing the beta.

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NBT912366d ago

No luck here, typical that I get invited to the BF3 Alpha which I couldnt play on this laptop, and then when it is something I would like to actually play, nope. =D

DoomeDx2366d ago

Well i have a code, but im on vacation. I do have a gaming laptop with me though,
Anybody wants to trade?
R3 key, for a BF3 key?

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Dart892366d ago (Edited 2366d ago )

No luck:(.
@below i just did thanks.

samoon2366d ago

Did you sign up through their newsletter? Go to insomniacs website and sign up for their newsletter, that's how most people are getting their code.

user83971442366d ago (Edited 2366d ago )

Been playing the beta for like two weeks already. More noobs to kill.

Yes it does and no it don't take a lot of bullets to kill.

If I get another code I will give it to somebody.

samoon2366d ago

Does it play well??? From the footage i'm worried it's too much bullet soaking.. Like a lot of bullets to kill one dude.

BeaArthur2366d ago

It plays well but it also feels like a game that's searching for an identity.

Rashonality2366d ago

i got it like 4 days ago, but everytime i try to play i get a "servers down" kinda error, did you face any problem of that kind?

TheLastGuardian2366d ago (Edited 2366d ago )

I signed up on their website two weeks ago, bought and ranked #45 on their (pin)Ballz song in Rock Band 3 and bugged Insomniac on Twitter to let me in the beta. Still no code. I never get in betas.


samoon2366d ago

Be patient, they are probably still sending them out :D

TheLastGuardian2366d ago

Ok, I just got my code.

Saw you on Insomniacs Twitter, btw.