PS Blog - inFAMOUS 2: 5 Standout UGC Missions

Collin Moore of Sucker Punch Productions writes: Since the launch of inFAMOUS 2 there have been over 50,000 UGC missions submitted, 4.8 million UGC missions have been played totaling over 300,000 hours spent in those missions. A new UGC mission is added at a rate of one per minute and two UGC missions are started every second! Check out the map below and you can see where missions are being added in New Marais.

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ksense2543d ago

holy crap those look awesome.

NewMonday2543d ago

i stopped plying inFAMOUS 2 to let the good UGC pile up.

“Sky Fort” looks fantastic, and someone was even able to do a Shadow of the Colossus inspired mission in “Hand-Crafted Boss Battle”

imagination is the only limit

ExitToExisT2543d ago

they are great but i wish we could search ugc missions by writing the names of it. its almost impossible to find these ones at the game

HeavenlySnipes2543d ago

Remember the update a while back? It allowed them to update the game without you having to download anything. There is a new vehicle pack in UGC and you can now search missions.