PlayStation Vita Coming October 28th?

Quick on the heels of yesterday's press release for MMA Supremacy, which indicated that PlayStation Vita is coming out this fall, news has emerged from the UK in the form of a flier, indicating that Vita might be coming out sooner than you think.

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golsilva2615d ago

wow if true thats way sooner than everyone thought. i was thinking november the earliest but if europe is getting in 2011 then japan and na will definitely get it in 2011

ksense2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

hmmm I want the PSVita day one but I don't want it in october but maybe in december or jan 2012. resistance 3, batman, uncharted, cod, battlefield, assassin creed make me think that way. Guess I need to start doing some overtime if this is true....

prolly explains why nintendo dropping price so early instead of waiting for the holidays.

liveActionLeveler2615d ago

Well it would be better for Sony and eager gamers everywhere if it released this year. Also Nintendo's probably not dropping the price of the 3DS because of Vita, since they're not competing for the same markets, atleast in year one as Sony has said. Nintendo dropped 3DS's price because it wasn't doing so well.

Stealth2k2615d ago

The 3ds is actually doing pretty damn well in units sold all things considering. Its price drop was purely a vita defense maunuver

Misterhbk2615d ago

Personally, Vita is number one on my list of must haves,followed closely by Uncharted 3. So regardless I'm picking this up day one. Can't wait, I really do hope this date is true.

Canary2614d ago

None of the games announced for the Vita interest me at all. I have a PS3 for those games, you know!

But I'll probably grab one anyway just for the chance to download some PSP/PS1 games to it from the PSN, which I can't do with my PSP2000 for... obvious reasons.

Hopefully, the PSV (I hate this abreviation, BTW, this is the same as ps3 save file extensions!) will get some of those Battle games from Bandai (Gundam/Macross) and a new Project Diva. That would be just... perfect.

forevercloud30002614d ago

Why do ppl always say that about Playstation games when brought to a handheld? "Oh well I rather play that on console". And you wouldn't want to play pokemon and whatever mario variation they make for DS these days on console? It seems like a double standard to me. So many swear that Nintendo has SO many new IPs for DS/3DS but what really always sells on the systems are mario(insert tag line here) and their 3 other staples. Why is it so wrong when sony brings there best to handhelds? LBP,MNR,WOHD,and SS Delta were MADE for on the go, they would work seamlessly. Uncharted is a stereotypical home experience but we don't know what they ae doing quite yet to make it portable.

The same thing happened with the PSP. "Oh, Birth by Sleep, Dissidia,Crisis Core,God of war, etc shoulda been on PS3 not PSP!" No, how about just buy a flippin PSP for the awesome games it has!

This in no way claiming you as that type but it is a similar mindset that i've noticed with some and it irks me.

OllieBoy2615d ago

Right before November where 4 of the biggest games of the year come out?

Doesn't seem logical at all.

Ser2615d ago

Not only that, but Battlefield 3 comes out three days before it...

If this is true, I won't be buying a Vita until after the holidays are over.

DJMarty2615d ago

@OllieBoy - Your comparing hardware to games. Point is you either buy Vita or ya don't.

Why would a £40 game on another platform make any difference to Vita sales.

Get a job and get both.

Rainstorm812615d ago

i agree i need to preorder to guarantee myself one and this will be the first gaming handheld i will buy new

Der_Kommandant2615d ago

Warning... Wallet Critic Failure Imminent

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Jihaad_cpt2615d ago

its going down captain just picked up Killzone 3 today and the Move bundle :) but my wallet is :(

tiffac2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

"Also, I wouldn't hold my breath for Tales of Xillia yet, it might not even be coming."

Noooo! Please let it be localized!

On other news if the article is true then I would probably be eating only cup noodles for a very long time... :D

Darkseeker2615d ago

Sorry, was just stating the biggest possibility. However, no one was expecting Graces F to come as well and it happened.

I guess that everyone will rant and complain about Xillia on their twitter/facebook/youtube page and they will cave in at some point.

In fact, it probably already started. It also have better chances than before since Namco says they want to bring more tales games to the west (they even wants to remake some of them)

tiffac2614d ago

I should join the ranters then. lol!

Forbidden_Darkness2615d ago

If it does come this year, I won't be getting it until next year, too many other things to buy this fall.

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