PlayStation Move Surpasses 75 Supported Games, More to Come

PS Blog: The list continues to grow! As of today, July 29th, we’re currently tracking 78 PlayStation Move games released or under development.

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waltyftm2489d ago

Some great games there.

darthv722489d ago

about the shrinking list of games coming. It just is a matter of picking the right game to use it. Otherwise it will feel tacked on and forced.

Quality over quantity.

THC CELL2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

its ign man why read or take in what they say lol
forbidden darkness u and 11 people better look again hehehe

HannibalBarca2489d ago

I was wondering that to, there hasn't been any info on it since it was reveled at E3, this is looking bad, hope it didn't get canned. :(

forevercloud30002489d ago

Exactly what I was wondering. Sorcery is the killer app the Move needs to be successful and it has become vaporware of sorts. This truely saddens me. I currently only own Sports champions(I own a few other games that have Move patch but they don't rly count to me). I am waiting on games like sorcery to really take advantage of the thing. GIVE ME AN ACTION ADVENTURE GAME WITH MOVE SONY!!!!!!!!! AND NOT ON RAILS EITHER!!!!!!

metsgaming2489d ago

i was so suprised to see the kinect get a star wars game but not the move. I mean lightsaber DUHHHH

firemassacre2489d ago

yeah im waiting on sorcery too.

Average_Joe2489d ago

The lack of quality Move only games bothers me. I bought the bundle a while back but I was really wanting to play games like Sorcery...which is nowhere to be found...

Hope we hear something about it soon....

DanSolo2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Perhaps they realised the interest in Sorcery, and decided to crank up the production values to make it the killer app people think it will be, and therefore it is getting redone or something!

Average_Joe2489d ago

Well I hope so, the reason I bought Move was because of that game. Would be a shame if they canned it or something.

I mean using Move on Socom 4 or Killzone 3 is okay but I was really looking forward to the titles that would utilize Move as stand alone titles and we haven't really seen those yet.

dgonza402489d ago

that would be awesome, for some reason i want something like skyrim on the Move

i dont believe there are any guns, so spell casting with staffs and stuff seem pretty plausible and not all that ridiculous to do in those types of games

i'd go banana's

DanSolo2489d ago

If only they had added analogue sticks to the Move controllers.... then imagine playing Skyrim with 2 moves... Archery and Sword/Shield fighting like in Sports Champions.... Casting spells like in Sorcery.... man it would be awesome... and totally doable!

Maybe they could make some sort of sleeve to go over the Move with analogue attachments, after all there is the expansion socket on Move!

kramun2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Look through the list and think of all the games you actually want to play. It's far smaller.


I'm not talking about preference, I'm talking about games that are just crap. And in that list there is a lot. After you take out the games that are crap, think of the games that you prefer and that list drops even more.

I bought the Move because I thought it was going to be supported well, the fact is it hasn't. Not being a troll about it, I'm just being honest.

DarkTower8052489d ago

I think that would go for any list anyone puts out. If you gave me a list of games you're waiting on I can guarantee you there will be some I'm not interested in.

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The story is too old to be commented.