The 10 Geekiest Sidekicks in Video Game History

Walyou: We could talk for hours about how cool Terra Branford, Master Chief, Ezio or Carl Johnson are, but what’s a good character without others to interact with? Also, here at Walyou we dig geeks, and are geeks ourselves, so obviously some of our favorite characters fall on this category. They help the heroes, and sometimes they are as well known as the main character or become the most recognizable character of the franchise. Luigi needs to step down, for here is Walyou’s tribute to the Geekiest Sidekicks in Videogame History.

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ATi_Elite2546d ago

pretty good list full of side kick nerds

Getowned2546d ago

i never thought of alyx as "geeky"..but oh well she can be my side kick any day.

Quagmire2546d ago

No mention of Bentley or Clank?

Fail list is fail.