The Pando Pandemic: Your Computer Might Already Be Infected

Does your internet feel tired? Run down? Does it pop out of parties? Is it unpoopular? Well, you probably have Pando Media Booster to blame for your poor internet performance as of late. But what exactly is Pando Media Booster?

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LiquidSnack2579d ago

Oh thank God, I don't play any of those games :|

NinjaCameraman2579d ago

Friend of mine tried to talk me into getting in on the LoL crowd, the second Pando showed up I hit Cancel Install and told him to forget it xD

iNcRiMiNaTi2579d ago

I was trying out the Dragon Nest beta and that has Pando. I just uninstalled it once I got the game.

ZETTA2579d ago

damn my dumb brother installed league of legends, i hate F2P games exempt from well known companies like EA (battlefield F2P and need for apeed world online)

no wonder i couldnt get stable FPS on crysis 2

Nightfallen2579d ago

Uninstalled and it's gone. Said it was installed on January 8th, around that time I tried out one of those games on that list. I never knew about this until today. Glad for N4G.

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