Thi4f : A reboot of the franchise?

According to Ruben Farrus who has been associated with the project in the recent past, the game might turn out to be a 'reboot' of the franchise.' This implies that the developers may re-imagine the concept of the original Thief with Garrett being involved.

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Apotheosize2455d ago

OH god no, please dont be Thief modern warfare, press X to instant takedown bullshit

WittyAdrian2455d ago

I doubt they will do something like that. I mean; in all the Thief games that have been released in the past, something along the lines of press "..." for short cinematic, has never been included.

Lets just hope they stick to that :P.

yamzilla2455d ago

also, please DO NOT spell it thi4f


Quagmire2455d ago

I find it weird thought, why call it Thi4f, with the inclusion of the number 4, when you're rebooting it?

Shouldnt it be called Thief: (sub-title), or simply Thief?

BlmThug2455d ago

This "Casual" plague is the the true problem. Its messing up too many good games