Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Review - 9.8 (Ripten)

Via Ripten:

"As an individual who spent countless hours playing Call of Duty 2, I was a little disappointed in the experience that was Call of Duty 3. This goes to show you that the importance of the developer behind the title is something that should never be overlooked. So while COD4 bids farewell to the WWII era, it emphatically welcomes the return of Infinity Ward, and I for one am glad to have them back at the helm."

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DeckUKold3969d ago

is it on DS and not wii

Nostradavis3969d ago

The DS version is developed by another developer.

Shaka2K63969d ago

Why no PSP? GRAW on PSP owns.

THESWAT3969d ago

when i played cod4 on ps3, the controls felt like i was playing 360 and ppl say 360 has the best fps controller.... sure, i would recommend ps3 controller over 360 anytime

DeckUKold3969d ago

people said that the 360(cough Dreamcast) controller i could never get use to it

dachiefsman3969d ago

I have played with both...I guess it would be just a user preference....I don't see the issue with either...

I hope that was sarcasm about the 360 control being like a dream cast...

dachiefsman3969d ago

on topic though...the game on and offline is excellent...the game variants are a nice addition. Now I need to find some cheap labor to keep leveling up my account.....

Cutter203969d ago

I think I'll be playing this one for sure. The description of the single player game sounds totally compelling and the multiplayer is like icing on the cake. Uranium cake! Cause it's modern warfare?

Nostradavis3969d ago

sounds good. Uranium cake at Cutters place.