Exclusive: Secrets of the Battlefield 3 Alpha Trial

Gamespy: With Battlefield 3's closed multiplayer Alpha testing currently underway, a select few players have been getting hands-on time with its new infantry and weapon mechanics. We've examined their extensive YouTube footage -- frame-by-frame Zapruder style -- and unearthed the key new features these lucky souls are playing with. You might be surprised at what we've found -- DICE has included some amazing new game mechanics that fundamentally change the way you'll play Battlefield.

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Jdub895O2543d ago

im diggin the laser beams.

AKS2543d ago

Wait until you get it shined in your eyes and can see to aim.

DeadlyFire2543d ago

No more dolphin diving? haha. I can still see it happening in close quarters. I don't know if it will be as often, but it happened in every Battlefield 2 match I play.

acemonkey2543d ago

wish i could played the demo