Civ V $11.98 at GMG; Registers on Steam

Conquer the world at a discount in Sid Meier’s hit game, Civilization V. $11.98 at Greenman Gaming. Registers on Steam

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Ranshak2544d ago

Man i love Civ V but i just think Shogun 2 is better. Both are awesome games in the end.

LeBart2544d ago

How do you register on steam ? They just give you a code or something ?

Ranshak2544d ago

You get a CD key with the game. you need to go to the "games" option on steam then select "Activate a product on Steam"

Then you enter the CD key, this adds the game on Steam. Note this only works for steamworks games.

LeBart2544d ago

Thanks ! I might buy this then. :)