GAME offers games to play for just £5

GAME is offering customers the chance to play key titles for just £5 with a guaranteed trade-in offer on some of the most popular games around.

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Kee2462d ago

Eh... that would mean buying games I don't want.

Bounkass2462d ago

ORLY!? Didn't you guys get the e-mail?

kramun2462d ago

GAME are crap. Their offers are always worse than any other games shop on the high street.

dazzalfc2462d ago

I cant even remember the last time i actually bought a game from Game, or Gamestation, HMV or any of the usual high street places

They tend to rip you off something rotten. Even pre-owned games are expensive, and i've lost count of the amount of times pre-owned titles have been more expensive than new

sonicsidewinder2462d ago

Burnout 3 Takedown lol. Pyay old image.