Recipe for the Perfect Superman Video Game

GameDynamo - "Superman has had his fair share of bad games… actually, it seems it's the lot he's been dealt in life. With horrid memories of Superman 64 still in our heads and a cancelled PS3 game, along with a failed ‘reboot' of the film franchise in 2006 – it seems 2012 will be another Superman-less summer (except for his appearance in DC Universe Online). With talks of a new Superman movie in the works, and the popularity of DC Universe Online growing, it's only a matter of time before we receive a new game for the Man of Steel. So what would we want? "

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Brownghost2576d ago

the movie version of the game could have been great thanks to horrible design issues. Come on rocksteady this character needs you help to redeem himself in the video game world

Blacktric2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

That leaked video of the cancelled Superman game looked incredibly cool with QTE's and incredible graphics.

Edit: Here's a video that explains everything about the game with the screenshots.

DarkBlood2576d ago

awwww dude wish i didnt see that now im hungry for a superman game cuz that looks really cool i need my favourite DC superhero done justice in a game

Brownghost2576d ago

i did see the video at the playstation vault and it was incredible i believe it would have been a great sequel but they had doubts about it i would love to pay for a copy for my ps1. the only thing i loved of the sequel is no more rings

2576d ago
Reborn2576d ago

Rocksteady should try their hands at this.

Would be interesting to see how it plays out.

MegaSackman2576d ago

Death and Return of Superman was a very good videogame, i would pay for that game in the store, not Sonic 1 or Golden Axe 1... ¬¬