Terraria Builds Vol. 2

More new builds from the Terraria Community.

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Forbidden_Darkness2576d ago

Anyone play this game? Any good?

davidlawrence102576d ago

It's a good game. If you've played Minecraft you will find they share some game mechanics although they are ultimately different. Terraria is more about exploration as opposed to building despite the masterpieces in the article and requires you to explore new progressively more dangerous environments in the search of new better items. It's definitely worth the small asking price and it plays well with friends.

Forbidden_Darkness2575d ago

While i've never played minecraft, this game looks awesome. Watched a video of it on youtube and im really thinking about getting it, just dont have any friends who play it or anything :/

snp2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

I've only played it single player to this point but have had a lot of fun. Mind you, bought it for $2.50 on Steam (sale), but i think even at full price you're unlikely to be disappointed.

davidlawrence102575d ago

I managed to clock up around 15-20 hrs on single player before I had got all the items I wanted and had done a few builds. Once you have everything, there is little incentive to play unless with friends (which added another 20 hrs playtime). The good thing is that the devs are constantly adding new items in large amounts and are planning to add more bosses and even different gameplay modes in the long term which should be good.