Burnout Crash Preview [GameRevolution]

This game is all about cheese, from the visuals to the music choices (e.g. Salt-n-Pepa’s “Push It” used like WWE Theme music for a bulldozer). The developers summed it up best, describing the style as a mix of "Pinball Machine meets Jukebox meets Classic Game Show". ~ William Blase, GameRevolution

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dbjj120882615d ago

Kind of surprised at how fun this game sounds.... wouldn't think burnout would be as compelling in a top-down perspective.

insertcoin2615d ago

Out of all the modes in Burnout, I played Crash mode the most. This gots potential.

stormeagle62614d ago

It does look pretty fun for a cheap arcade-style title. The real question to me is: how cheap?

Strikepackage Bravo2614d ago

why not just make a real burnout game that you dont need to constantly look at the map in order to play, in the style of the originals.

Redempteur2614d ago

you're doing it wrong ... people playing burnout paradise don't need at the map in order to play ..

MOst look at the rear of the car ( flash to see where to go ) or on the road indications ..

Once you notice this ... paradise is just perfect

Looking at the map is for noobs ..

BryanBegins2614d ago

The "looking at the map" argument is really old. Yes it was annoying for the first 5 hours of gameplay. But it really wasn't difficult to figure out where to go. Not perfectly of course, but good enough to win races online.