Xbox inspired PlayStation investment in developer support - Xbox founder

Seamus Blackley, one of the key figures behind the creation of the original Xbox, has said his proudest Microsoft career moment - aside from getting Bill gates to green-light the console - was realising that the work he'd done at the platform holder had inspired Sony to boost its investment in developer support.

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Inside_out2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

SOoooo...this gentleman wants everybody, especially developers to know that he inspired he should get back into gaming then...and...oh wait...

" It was announced in May that Blackley was to leave his role as an agent at Creative Artists Agency in order to return to game development."...

Seems everybody wants a piece of the " declining " games industry...Hmmmmmm

I think Peter Moore ( now at EA sports div ) had the best vision for Xbox and unfortunately, seems to the fall guy for the whole RROD thing. He's a real games guy and has done a good job at EA. I hope he's not in the E-mails regarding the attempted heist of COD. John Schapert, another M$-EA convert is no longer working at EA...he's all over those E-mails.

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Redgehammer2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

Yes he wants us to believe his perception, much in the same manner you want us to believe your perception.

MrSpace2576d ago

In the PS2 days Sony was always supporting devs, for example, like ND when they made Jak and Daxter.

Silly gameAr2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

PS2? ND was around in the PS1 days and many more devs. I'm not sure what this guy is getting at.

MrSpace2576d ago

I just used the first example that popped into my head. I know they were there since the PS1 days I just used Jak and Daxter as an example since it was on the PS2 when it was up against the Xbox which is what the guy is talking about

WhiteLightning2576d ago

I highly doubt that. I know the 360 isn't doing many creative things now but don't try and say your the reason why the PS is so creative and helping supporting differen't developers since there on top in terms of pleasing core gamers this year.

Redgehammer2576d ago

What? I am a core gamer, and I am very happy with my 360. I don't see how Sony is any more or less creative than MS.

WhiteLightning2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

Wow....your really happy with your 360 and the way Microsoft are treating us core gamers, such as yourself, like crap.

Microsoft only have Halo, Gears and Fable as their main titles, they had a chance with Alan Wake and Lost Odyssey but they didn't want to spend the money marketing them. All they care about is shooters...look at Sony, Killzone, Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet, Heavy Rain, God of War, GT5 etc ALL of them a different genre.

Sony is way more creative then Microsoft because they want to be...Microsoft dosen't give a crap, all they care about latley is money. They had the chance to open new studios but blew the money on Kinect/Family studios AND instead of supporting Rare to make Banjo/Conker/Perfect Dark/Kameo games they didn't, they made them worse and made them develop Kinect crap.

I could go on....but if you want to be blind and be "happy" with your 360 then be my guest.

Rainstorm812576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

Multiplats.....because when it comes to exclusive experiences..MS focus is Kinect

If you dont care about exclusives, which many 360 and ps3 users dont, then yea im sure you are happy.... but to say Sony is no more creative is BS

Boletarian2576d ago

"hey had a chance with Alan Wake and Lost Odyssey but they didn't want to spend the money marketing them."

What does that mean? They released the games. Those games exist on the console. Are you saying Microsoft is treating the 360 gamers like crap because it's not marketing the games?

It's ironic because you're pointing out these great experiences that exist on the 360 but you're still criticizing Microsoft.

It's not as if Sony markets its games well. They didn't market Folklore at all, and that's a PS3 exclusive. They didn't market Demon's Souls very well. That game had to get popular on its own merits.

And when you were mentioning the small lineup of 360 exclusives, you omitted the Forza series, which is not only very highly rated but also very well-supported.

Fable, Halo, Gears, Forza, Alan Wake, and Lost Odyssey all belong to a different genre, yet you're still blowing Sony's trumpet instead. Why is that?

I know you have a preference, but that doesn't mean that you have to be delusional. Neither Microsoft nor Sony give a crap about you but Sony must be really happy there are people like you who not only support them but act as a cheerleader for them on the internet. They love you for spreading FUD about their competition and they love that they don't have to pay you a single cent for you to do all of this.

You talk about how creative Sony is. Sony is not creative. Sony's studios are creative. There's a big difference. Naughty Dog is not Sony. ND is owned by Sony. And it won't be long before Naughty Dog buys out its freedom. I guarantee it. Once a company starts developing a mega-franchise, they're going to start thinking about being independent. It happened with Bungie as well. Right up until the day Bungie left MS, they were praising MS for giving them freedom to do whatever they wanted.

ND says the same thing about Sony in interviews. Point is, the creativity doesn't come from Sony. Sony was just smart enough to buy up these studios when the industry was in a state of decline - when one publisher couldn't afford to keep ND and decided to sell them to Sony.

MrSpace2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )


"What does that mean? They released the games. Those games exist on the console. Are you saying Microsoft is treating the 360 gamers like crap because it's not marketing the games?"

WL has a point, they released Alan Wake on the same day as Red Dead (it was basicaly suicide)and didn't give it no marketing, why would they do that to an exclusive which set it's self apart from shooters that the 360 has. To be honest your coming off as a butthurt troll because Sony is doing better this year.


Good points but the thing is if you say anything possitive about Sony you get called a PS3 fanboy. It's hard to state the truth on here and not be called a fanboy when really your just stating the facts what Microsoft are doing this year. Microsoft just don't care that much about the core audience, only in the causal audience and where theres casual theres money.

Boletarian2576d ago

@Mr Space

Again, you're wrong.

White Lightning's argument was the MS was treating its gamers like crap because it was releasing the same slew of games every year.

Then he said that MS was treating its gamers like crap for not marketing games like Lost Odyssey and Alan Wake well enough.

To which I responded, how can MS be treating the gamers like crap if it is releasing those kinds of games in the first place?

Are gamers completely mindless? Can't they just search good games for 360 on google and be directed to those titles?

And then I countered by saying that if MS treats its gamers like crap for not marketing Alan Wake well enough, then what do you call it when Sony doesn't market its exclusives well enough?

And I gave examples like Demon's Souls and Folklore. Another great example is Socom 4 and Motorstorm Apocalypse, which has seen almost zero marketing in the states.

Alan Wake and Lost Odyssey exist for the 360. So stop criticizing MS just because the PS3 fanboys are spreading FUD about the 360 not having games.

It's not Microsoft's fault, it's the fault of the fanatics.

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xfrgtr2576d ago

"Xbox inspired PlayStation investment in developer support - Xbox founder":WAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! !

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