The price cut's a start, Nintendo, but we need more

Pocket Gamer: "Well, did you see this one coming? We sure as hell didn't.

Just four months after launch, the Nintendo 3DS has seen its price heftily reduced worldwide - and by a third in Europe.

It's a bold move by the Japanese firm, and one that is completely out of the company's comfort zone. Then again, after the period the 3DS has had to accumulate sales, it's difficult to argue with the decision."

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Inside_out2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

Nintendo is facing a very bad situation and it goes like this...

...they waited too long to accept that the Wii was done. The sales have been going downward for a couple years now and that my friends is a TREND. That tells the trend watchers who report to the shareholders that things are not looking so hot, you may want to invest somewhere else like, oh I don't know, maybe M$ and their upstart Kinect motion device that may have a break out launch as it's capturing the imagination of the gaming demographic that the Wii has...see how this works...

Kinect goes on to be the biggest electronic device launch ever, lands in the Guinness book of world records and has out sold everybody, including the Wii in the biggest gaming market in the world 12 of the last 13 months.

Nintendo is still selling but the shareholders smell blood and the stock has falling 40%...what do they do now???.

Not much unless they can launch the Wii-U this year but Nintendo really wants to get through the next holiday period with the Wii, which must cost 25-30 dollars to make at this point...but they are losing precious gamers everyday and gamers have short memories.

What if the Wii-u flops next year??? Nintendo could become the next Atari and Sega...don't say it can't happen, because they said the same thing about the mighty Atari and Sega at one time.

Does that mean that Nintendo is doomed...NO, but they are in dire straits. Apple is the biggest thing ever right now and the market share increases are the proof. The handheld market still is there but people are moving over to ios/tablets and cell phone apps which are turning into the Swiss army knives of the gaming world and with the advancements in the cloud and amazing ecosystems like the app store everyone wants to copy...things are fierce and little Nintendo, while NOW finally seeing the big picture could be a day late and a dollar short...I hope not but the next 6 months will be very telling.

DJMarty2615d ago

Ya can't fix 3DS crappy hardware specs.

aviator1892615d ago

They should have just released the 3ds under $200 to begin with. And releasing it without the support of several core games was a mistake as well.
However, I think the main problem is the name 3ds. Most of my friends, when I asked them about it, responded to me by saying: "isn't the 3ds just a ds with 3d capability??"

They should have just named it something completely different.