OXM UK: Dark Souls - The First 21 Deaths

OXM UK: "Our earlier previews of From Software's brutal open world dungeon crawler Dark Souls came up short in one, crucial respect: the people we sent up against the game were just that little bit too skilled to assess the precise extent of its vaunted punishingness.

Fortunately, OXM employs a professional noob, the active and efficient Edwin. He spent 15 minutes with the game at a recent Namco showcase and managed to die 21 times. Here's the carnage in verbal form."

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dirigiblebill2613d ago

Could not be more stoked for this game.

RedDead2613d ago

Dunno why anyone would put up with that...if I was that bad I would just give up the game, I ain't go the skills. However i;m not that bad and can't wait for this Day 1

Denethor_II2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Can't wait to whack this in the PlayStation/360.

Happy now?

dirigiblebill2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

My apologies sir. I took you for a villain.


despair2613d ago

Lesson to the writer, When you see giant dragon run the other direction :) Great article BTW.

MoveTheGlow2613d ago

Makes me want to replay Demon's Souls in a different way... again!