Portal 2 crossovers: Wheatley terrorizes your favorite game characters (Bitmob)

Bitmob's resident modelling expert Jan Neves gets creative with Portal 2's Intelligence Dampening Sphere. You'll have to imagine the accompanying Stephen Merchant monologue in your head, but I assure you it's hilarious.

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choadley2332d ago

Nice work! Like the Angry Birds one.

NagaSotuva2332d ago

Kratos seems to be having his way with Wheatley. Well, he deserves it.

Godmars2902332d ago

You'd think that the "Space!" AI would be better to the Space Channel 5 model.

fatstarr2332d ago

Love it, wheatley was so dam funny.

MasterCornholio2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

Let them eat cake

Kratos really should use protection cause imagine the offspring he would have with that thing

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