NFS: ProStreet - Damaged Cars

Here you will find the screens of damaged cars, that made in demo from PC version of NFS: ProStreet. Screenshots established in 1280 * 1024 resolution, with the high graphic settings. Take a look at this and make your own opinion, how realistic cars damages are.

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2Negativecool4053d ago

And here I was thinking that if it was going to link to car damage pics, it would be car damage on a level not seen before.

When the hell will I get to split my million dollar Ferrari in half after crashing into a telephone pole at 200mph?---Instead of just smashing the hood up a bit.(in a video game mind you)

blu3print4053d ago

And people ask why the GT franchise has no damage, it's damn near impossible to include realistic damage into a car game, the damage in NFS sucks, I have that BMW limiting at bout 204Mph drive it into a pole and get no engine in my lap, shoot my airbag dont even No wheels come off, I have noticed no broken glass.

Motion4053d ago

I think Dirt has the best damage of any racing game out there. Not 100%, but still quite convincing-especially in those slow-mo replays. If you're gonna disagree, atleast back it up...