Making of the PSthree Concept Render

Making of the PSthree concept render that was featured in the possibility of a GamesCom PSthree announcement story.

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KingofGambling2550d ago

Price cut at GDC with new design and a larger hard drive

Vitalogy2550d ago

I'm with you on that one. Hope they make that move, might be that time I'll put my launch 60Gb to rest for good, she's so tired of being such a slave hehe :p

egidem2550d ago

Keep her in good condition. One day, she might become more valuable than you could ever know!

256bit2550d ago

ill never give up my 80gb. dont ever sell your launch consoles. i dont know if it will be worth anything but i still have the launch genesis model but it aint worth anything.

Fishy Fingers2550d ago

Slow day eh. The making of a concept image, riviting.

zeksta2550d ago

Honestly, I hope the PS3 might actually get a price cut, that'd be great for the sales, but that being said, they'd have to compromise alot just to get it down in price, along with the possibility of crappy parts in the system for a cheaper price.

chlomirx2550d ago

the design it's look like ps2 slim (-_-")