AT&T Sponsoring QuakeCon 2011 Internet Connectivity


"QuakeCon is less than a week away, and I couldn't be any more psyched for the event.

"Not only will we at OXCGN be covering the event, but we'll also be getting hands-on time with upcoming titles such as RAGE.

"While the event draws near, Bethesda has issued a new press release: AT&T will be sponsoring the internet in the BYOC!"

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Proeliator2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

This really is great news.

As the author said, it'll help the many who forget to configure Steam properly before they make the trip.

ATi_Elite2609d ago

This is a very impressive move by AT&T to gain some respect from the gamers. QuakeCon is huge and ATT sponsoring the event and providing broadband is super cool.

I use U-verse and i must say i love it. maybe ATT will get with Devs, Internet engineers and such to help further improve their Networks for Gamers.

Theo11302608d ago

"As the author said, it'll help the many who forget to configure Steam properly before they make the trip."

You fucking wrote the article, what the hell do you mean the author, dumb ass.

on topic, if att is hosting the internet connection, it will be a disaster, like anything to do with att and internet.

Gawdl3y2608d ago

He SUBMITTED it to N4G, that doesn't mean he wrote it.

gaminoz2609d ago

AT&T seem very involved in gaming recently...aren't they who Sony has the exclusive deal with for the 3G version of PS Vita?

Proeliator2609d ago

Yep. This announcement, though, probably wasn't greeted with groans, sighs and laughter.

ATi_Elite2609d ago

Announcer "PSVita will be Exclusivley on AT&T"

Crowd "Booooo" "Ah man Noooooo" "your joking" "that's bullcrap" "lol" "Come on"

a_bro2608d ago

it was good that it happened. now they know that they have to give us a good service with them without capping our internets.

UltimateIdiot9112608d ago

Sorry abro but att recently announced plans to limit those unlimited att users if they use too much data. Speculation is those using 2Gb +. Does not sound consumer friendly to me. If they are successful in buying out T-Mobile, they have less incentive to give us the best.

Halochampian2608d ago

I still hate AT&T with a passion...

Halochampian2608d ago

How can people not? Their crappy coverage and naming 3g+ "4g"

Only reason they are where they are right now is because of the iphone and dont get me started on how much I hate apple

akaFullMetal2608d ago

I know people are going to complain about at&t but who else were they going to get??? Most of the world uses gsm, which is what at&t uses, so it only makes sense.

Dogswithguns2608d ago

Great news, but At&T internet speed kinda slow, and no connection lots for no reason of time. At&t needs to get the faster speed fiber cable. the old telephone line pretty much sux.

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