Trion Interview: Poised at the brink

Thirty million dollars in investment from Time Warner and NBC/Universal, among others. Hires that include former EA, NCSoft, and SOE personnel. A technology agreement with HP. Three US studios. Not bad for a start-up company that has yet to announce a product.

In conjunction with recent news that Trion World Networks had established a San Diego studio with former SOE exec Nicholas Beliaeff at the helm, spoke to CEO Dr. Lars Buttler about the company's goals.

Here's an excerpt from the interview: "So, you are opening a third studio in San Diego..."

Buttler: "I'm actually sitting in our San Diego studio right now. It's a beautiful day, and I'm here with about a dozen of the most talented people in the games space, so it's a great feeling.

We now have three studios. One is in Silicon Valley (Redwood City), the second is in Austin, Texas, and the third is now here in San Diego."

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