2012′s mobile GPUs will match PS3/360 graphics, says Qualcomm boss

Next year’s Adreno GPU will “take mobile gaming to a new level of console quality graphics,” claims Qualcomm’s Raj Talluri – and will match the PS3 and Xbox 360 for gaming performance.

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handheldwars22580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

The next generation of handheldwars is here

Anarki2580d ago

with battery life that will last 5minutes!!!!!!!!!

FarEastOrient2580d ago

Sounds like it's going to be a very expensive phone.

HAF9122580d ago

dont talk about tech if you dont know what you are saying.

the fact that you got 29 agrees shows how much people on this site know about tech.

parts get more efficient as well as more powerful over time.

darthv722580d ago

considering the tech in both the 360 and ps3 is over 5 years old.

The turn around time for new cpu/gpu and tech is roughly 6-8 months. Or at least, it used to be. Shrinking what is in the mainstream down to fit into the mobile market has been pretty steady.

Rainstorm812580d ago

@far east

Its funny that people will pay 499-999 for a tablet/phone for gaming.....Yet let a console be priced the same way its a tragedy.

People hated that the Ps3 was sooo expensive but the Iphone was similar priced and it was 100% acceptable


Sprud2580d ago


Well, if you really know so much about tech, then how come you're unaware of the increasing problem of transistor leakage? The smaller the transistors are the more they leak, which means they are less efficient than they could have been. Right now some kind of breakthrough is needed to get smaller and more efficient transistors.

Pandamobile2580d ago

People don't buy tablets for gaming, lol.

Anarki2580d ago

Tell that to my galaxy S2 that guzzles power within about 2-3hours of constant use.

gamingdroid2580d ago

Qualcom makes a large part of the chips right now for smartphones, so I'm pretty sure they know what they are doing. You know, your company doesn't get worth $90 billions producing [email protected]

So no worries about battery time. It's like people said, OMG a handheld with the graphics of PS2 is going to have low battery life in 2004.

colony2580d ago

Anarki: what the hell are you doing with your Galaxy S2 if it only lasts 2 - 3 hours? seriously???

i use mine at work with the radio on 8 hours straight non stop, including facebook and internet surfing and messeging/calls, and when i come home, i still have 2 - 3 hours left! not counting the fact that i listen to music when i ride to and from work, so you can ad an hour to that. and yes, mine is a galaxy s 2

f7897902580d ago

My battery barely lasts normally. I don't get how they plan to have EXTREME gaming on it.

Anarki2580d ago

I was playing gunbros the other day and the battery was only lasting a couple of hours lmao

AAACE52580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

Think its fair to say new consoles are needed now.

When mobiles catch up to consoles, its not a good thing. Especially when mobiles have been eating on the consoles plate.

People keep talking about battery life, but there have been advancements in battery designs such as nanocell tech. And there will be more in the future.

SilentNegotiator2580d ago

You think your Iphone is hot? Well my phone starts on....FIIIIRRRRRRE!!!! AHHHHHHH!! IT BURNS!!

fatstarr2580d ago

the battery life wont last 5 mins but lets just say i couldn't watch a full movie on it the pone would either over heat and shut its self down, or just die.

Battery tech while its advancing is still at a crappy level we should have devices by now that could stay on for 48 hours on 1 charge with active use ex texting, online surfing and etc.

Sarcasm2580d ago

Remember Peter, with great power comes great responsibility.

And by that I mean, unless we see games like Uncharted or even Call of Duty on a tablet instead of $5 apps, it's doesn't matter how powerful these tablets or phones will be.

The developers are going to be the driving force.

Take the PC for example, EXTREMELY powerful hardware yet still only a handful of games actually to take advantage of it.

Console gaming isn't going to be replaced anytime soon.

TBM2580d ago


i completely agree with you i have a droid 2 and the minute i jump online to browse, use netflix, or play a simple puzzle game like words with friends my battery drains immediately.

for me to use any of these 3 things i have to keep my phone charged. also does anyone notice when you do use any app or browse the web the phone gets really hot?

nickjkl2580d ago

gaming droid you are forgetting ps3 slim was pushing 120 degrees with killzone 2

UnwanteDreamz2579d ago

Even with top notch graphics their still phones. How can a mobile be a better gaming machine then something created that is solely dedicated to gaming.

Short answer is it wont be better then a hanheld that is only created for gaming. I'm not saying not worth owning,

Anarki2579d ago

Not only that but gaming these days on a handheld is insanely hard with touchscreen controls.

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BeastlyRig2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

It's not hard to believe after 6-7 years this is possible..

I think one day mobile will pass consoles..

ipads & 1nm gpus & 20w 6 core cpus will have less heat & more power! & will be upgraded every year! While consoles will be a 7 - 10 year upgrade.. Can't wait for ipad 20!

or consoles will probably be like onlive by then..

Only took them 4 year since the iphone 1 to match consoles great!

btw I haven't seen physics this good on consoles yet!

Ulf2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

20nm is a barrier for battery powered devices, due to electron loss issues that cause constant power drain at manufacturing process scales below that.

Mobile electronics are going to stop evolving by about 2014, for that reason, unless someone comes up with an amazing solution for the physics problem at hand, or comes up with a fantastic new mobile power source to replace batteries.

Desktop chips can continue to evolve down to about the 10nm range, where similar physics issues get in the way. Even so, Desktop electronics at the 14 and 10nm scales will consume enormous amounts of power, due to the same electron loss issues that would plague mobile devices at those scales.

TheDareDevil2580d ago

They might be as powerful as the 360/PS3, but you won't be seeing Crysis, Metro, Fallout and the likes releasing on mobiles, so what's the point?

How many mobile owners will want to pay $60 for a game that's way too complex for them to understand, when they can kill 5 minutes of their time with Angry Birds and Doodle Jump?

J5Feedback2580d ago

"I think one day mobile will pass consoles"


colony2580d ago
oh if you only knew what you were talking about, this forum would be a nice place.

show me iphone do this and ill throw both my pc and consoles out the window.

oh and you showed off a tech demo... we have alot of pretty tech demos out there

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Pandamobile2580d ago

I have one. It is a beast :)

specialguest2580d ago

I have a Samsung Galaxy S 1. ***Sadness***

Anarki2580d ago

I have it also and the battery life is poor when you're playing games... idle is fine..

sourav932580d ago

Thing is, would I want to play full on harcore console type games on the way to work? No. I'd probably stick with something casual e.g. Doodle jump...console level graphics not required there :P

subtenko2580d ago

This is why consoles should take their time and advance their tech from the current generation FULLY to another level for their next generation console..

Now...Im not gonna mentions any names here, but yall know what Im talkin about x}

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

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Lazy_Sunday2580d ago

Doesn't matter, my Macbook Air pwned my PS3 in performance last November. That's hard for me to swallow.

x5exotic2580d ago

PS3 out PSP is almost a ps2
PS4 out Vita is almost a ps3
(not complaining at all btw)

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andron6662580d ago

Well touch gaming has it's limitations and I'm not getting any tablet for gaming purposes or any other for that matter....

STK0262580d ago

But mobile GPUs can also find their way in smartphones like the Xperia Play, which actually has physical buttons. Also interesting, if what he says is true, by the end of 2012 or in 2013, smartphones and tablets could be more powerful than the 3DS and the Vita CPU and GPU wise (as smartphones adn tablets already have much more RAM than any of these systems).

If HTC or Smasung (or any other Android phone manufacturer) were to release a smartphone similar to the Xperia Play in 2012/2013, they could potentially be real contender in the handheld gaming market, at least for the more casual customer, and all that for a lower price than the Vita thanks to subsidisation.

BubloZX2580d ago

lol most phones on the market are already graphically superior to the 3DS

bozebo2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

"If HTC or Smasung (or any other Android phone manufacturer) were to release a smartphone similar to the Xperia Play in 2012/2013, they could potentially be real contender in the handheld gaming market, at least for the more casual customer, and all that for a lower price than the Vita thanks to subsidisation."

this ^

But the main reason they would be good is because Android is an open platform, developing for 3ds or psv means nint/sony have a say in it and you have to pay them royalties on sales; same as console vs PC.

Rush2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

They also have there advantages, for instance what's better to play a tactics game like Final Fantasy Tactics on, or a Strategy game like Command and Conquer?

They are also completely capable of offering the same experience as controller, on game's where fast precise movement is not insanely important like turn based J-RPG's.

And don't tell me games like Angry birds play better on the PS3 with the analog stick. Anyway my point is touch screen controls aren't worse there just different.

It's like asking PC gamers do they think controllers are accurate and do they like to use them. Alot of PC gamers hate controllers and can't stand them different strokes for different folks.

Edit: typo's

MrAwesome2580d ago

Simpler games(Angry Birds, Doodle Jump, Plants vs Zombies) do have an advantage in mobile devices, but when playing FPS or action games the experience will never come close to that of a controller or a keyboard and it's not because of preference but more of reliabilty and control, just try playing CoD or BFBC2 on a phone or tablet.

andron6662580d ago

I'm speaking mainly for myself here, but my point is often you struggle more with the controls on touch gaming than more traditional gaming. Also the relatively small screen on most tablets isn't what I'd prefer for most of my gaming.

Tablets and smart phones have their use when travelling or in short sessions. But there is a point when the better graphics don't really have a large impact on these small screens. A dedicated mobile gaming device will have advantages over these smart phones for some time.

And if they designed Angry Birds for more traditional controls it would probably control better when played on PS3/PSP. Angry birds have a fairly simple game play anyway as many touch games do...

The Meerkat2580d ago ShowReplies(1)
blackburn102580d ago

When you get twin joysticks and shoulder buttons call me. Until then consoles and handheld gaming systems for me. Graphics are pointless without control.

DigitalRaptor2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

Totally, totally true.

How many PSP gamers craved and begged Sony for a PSP with dual analogue? And how many rejoyced when the Vita was announced sporting that exact request? It makes all the difference, and when you don't even have a single analogue stick, that is even worse.

Who cares about high-end graphics when the gameplay is completely sucky because of a limited control interface?

Don't get me wrong there are some great mobile games, but they're not in the same league as the ones on dedicated gaming machines.

Rainstorm812580d ago

Exactly all these graphics yet you are unable to control a character in 3d space....

Whats the point? Beautiful point and click and swipe adventures?

zero_cool2580d ago

We have near playstation 3 quality graphics on a mobile gaming device it's called playstation vita!