Sega posts £17 million quarterly loss, sees sales fall

VG247: "Sega Sammy’s group sales net sales dropped 28.5 per cent to ¥65.33 billion (£514.9 million)"

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Inside_out2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

" Sega said it needs to “adapt to changing business environments,” in which the market demand for “new content geared to social networking service and smartphone” is rapidly expanding. "...

HELLO...where you been??? This is NOT a new thing. ALL the trends have been pointing in that direction for a long, long time...those that fail to recognize, get left behind or lose million like Sega and Nintendo.

Sega has some great IP's that fit perfectly with where the market seems to be heading and it would be relatively cheap to jump in. The shareholders can't be happy with these guys right now. I think they really need to start looking for younger management talent to deal with the new realities of the gaming spectrum.

EasilyTheBest2544d ago

Please Microsoft, buy Sega.
Leave them make games indepently and exclusivly for the Next Xbox.
Japan will be alot easier that way.

andron6662544d ago

Hopefully this means they'll ease off on the crappy movie tie-ins...