Is The 3DS Worth Buying After Price Cut?

Ironstar "Remember when all the cool kids we’re out buying themselves a Nintendo 3DS while you glanced through the gloomy pane over at Gamestop, “window shopping” and loathing the irritating price point? Remember the loneliness of being left out of Street Pass meet ups and missing out while all your comrades we’re bragging about their fresh ass new portable best friend?"

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handheldwars22490d ago

Really? Kinda reminds me of 06 and 07 for a certain console extremely well established now...

Kamikaze1352490d ago

Yep. We should all wait 3-4 years before buying one then.

Arthas2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

The difference though is that the 3ds will be replaced by a new model in about a year.

handheldwars22489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

That was a very retarded response. But you'll get agrees anyway for saying something that bashes Sony's competitor on this troll site. If the mods were any good they'd pop a good bubble or two out of your account for trolling (especially the first comment), but........

@Arthas: Give me one source to back your claims and i'll send you $50.

Arthas2489d ago

04' DS
06' DSlite
08' DSi
09' DSiXL
11' 3DS
12' or 13' ....

Venjense2489d ago

I own a PS3 but the first year after launch, PS3 really had no games.

I agree, 3DS has no games.

Squatch832489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

I do love how ppl only mention DS had upgrades:

2004: PSP
2007: PSP 2000
2008: PSP 3000
2009: PSP Go
2011: PSP Vita

I have put 2011 as the Vita release date because of the reports it could be seen in the fall/autumn.

kramun2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )


PSP-1000 2004
PSP-2000 2007
PSP-3000 2008
PSP Go 2009
PlayStation Vita TBA

EDIT:Squatch83 beat me to it.

darthv722489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Plenty would say the wii or 360 or ps3 isnt worth buying and proclaim they wouldnt get one if it was free.

Seriously...that is just stupid fanboyish behaviour. Everyone has a breaking point when it comes to paying for something.

Yes: 3ds is worth buying.
Yes: wii is worth buying.
Yes: 360 is worth buying.
Yes: ps3 is worth buying.
Yes: NeoGeo is worth buying.

and so on, and so on, and so on. It really is just a matter of appeal. If it doesnt appeal to you then you dont buy it. If it does then you do.

Why is this basic idea such a difficult one to digest for some people?

Kamikaze1352489d ago


Are you seriously THAT big of a fanboy? The reason people are ONLY mentioning the DS is because this is the successor of the 3DS. We know what to expect from Nintendo based on the re-releases they did for the DS and all of their other systems as well.

Nobody here mentioned Sony because this has absolutely nothing to do with Sony. Geez, lol.

kreate2489d ago


in case u forgot. the xbox360 had no games when it was launched.

but ps fanboys didnt jump up and down about it like the xbox fanboys did with the ps3.

ABizzel12489d ago

Yes and No, once it gets a better battery life then it's definitely worth it.

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davidmccue2490d ago

"Remember when all the cool kids we’re out buying themselves a Nintendo 3DS while you glanced through the gloomy pane over at Gamestop."

Yeah i do, should of never complained about the dirty windows in Gamestop and got myself chucked out, it was one hell of a hot day, and the air conditioning was really refreshing.

Blacktric2490d ago

3DS released a couple months ago mind you and already has 2-3 killer apps like Ocarina Of Time 3D. And with the recent price cut and announcement of updated NES, GBA games releases, it's starting to deserve its 170 dollar price tag. Not to mention the games that are announced at E3 2011. If you're skeptical just wait. No need to troll by saying it has no games.

bangoskank2490d ago

It's "killer app" is a remake of a game that is over 10 years old. No thanks. My money will go to Sony for their handheld this time around. The Vita looks very promising and has tons of 3rd party backup.

Kennytaur2490d ago

I don't think he is trolling, he's refering to the PS3 joke from when it released.

Blacktric2489d ago

I'm not saying buy 3DS instead of Vita but because of the price drop, announced games and everything else, it's price starting to justify itself (170 dollar price tag not the old one). So if you were interested in the console before, I think it's a good time to get one. But I'm definitely going with Vita too. At least that's what I'll be getting first. Might get a 3DS later when it's new model comes out.

Stealth2k2490d ago

I dont know about you all but I am having a b;last with rexx, laton, pilot wings, shadow wars, OOT, ect

subtenko2489d ago

Serious question...can it get so bad that they do another price drop (if this situation got worse) or would they discontinue it?

and at least 3DS has more games than the xbox360 kinect... >_>

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

Shackdaddy8362489d ago

They would probably discontinue it but I don't think it will get worse.

kramun2489d ago

'Agree or Disagree if you Agree'

Anyone that puts that at the end of their post is an idiot.

FaulkinPunch2489d ago

@kramun, clearly you dont get it..its not that hard to figure out,lol.

Zanarkand2489d ago

Flamebait and immature... ignorance is truly a bliss.

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Pikajew2490d ago

It was worth buying when it had a high price

Kee2490d ago

The hardware is worth it, not the games line-up... Yet.

Squatch832490d ago

Exactly. Had mine since day 1, and got 9 or 10 games for it now. Well worth what i payed for it. And the fact Nintendo are giving me 20 FREE games it makes it even better.

miyamoto2490d ago

I will wait for the Nintendo 3DSi, or the 3DS XL, thank you.

kramun2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Yeah I'm gonna wait for Vita to have a few iterations as well before I buy one.

EDIT:I'm not really, just wanted to make a point that Nintendo aren't the only ones to do that.

Anyone fancy a PSP Go? You can't play your games from your old psp on it, but nevermind, you can pay more for them through the store than you would a retail shop.

What a great idea.

miyamoto2488d ago

The launch console units I did not regret buying day one was the NES, Sega Genesis, Super NES, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, & PlayStations 1 & 2. These units were simplified with their next iterations.

I am also glad I bought the Xbox 360 Pro, PS3 Slim & PSP 3000 instead of the launch units.

From which I learned a tremendous lesson is current electronics because all of these next wave units are still alive and kicking specially my Xbox 360.

People criticize me for waiting and being patient but hey I am not a collector or brand loyalist.

I go for the better and best no matter what brand or platform.

I also wait for the wave of the better games this time around like Uncharted 2 and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.

For me it just makes practical sense.

Even though I feel the PSVita design as of now may not receive dramatic cosmetic or internal upgrades, I may buy the 2nd or 3rd generation PSVita because:

1)the second generation of games most of the time proves to be better.
2) I still have lots of my PS3 & PSP HD Remastered Games to finish
3) more affordable price and much reliable hardware build
4) more features?
5) more third party support
6) more affordable games price points

I may not buy a smartphone because I already have a nice HD feature phone that shoots pictures and HD video. So I am considering buying a PSVita for gaming, web browsing and all those smartphone-ish functionality.

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jacksheen00002490d ago

Well that depends on Nintendo on whether they can get the games out on Time to satisfy him or her hunger.Meaning...
you can't starve someone for too long or there just go else where, perhaps the ViTa.

Ulf2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

I'm still gonna wait for the 3DSi, even if it costs $200, rather than $170.

I need the battery life to improve, and frankly, I'm desperately hoping they improve the 3D view angle on the screen, and the DS backwards compatibility as well. I just can't bring myself to buy hardware that I see as flawed in so many ways, even if its cheap.

Besides... obviously a 3DS redesign is in the works -- the next, cheaper-to-build revision always is, because that makes the company more money. The only question is, when will they release it?

I'm guessing sooner, rather than later, given the huge price drop. They want to be profitable again, ASAP. Maybe March? A price drop is a *great* way to clear old inventory, after all.

MasterCornholio2490d ago

I agree with you that the 3DSs biggest flaw is its battery life. Hopefully in the revision Nintendo will increase it to DS levels.

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