Star Wars The Old Republic ‘The Esseles’ Walkthrough Video

EA and Bioware have released a brand new video for Star Wars The Old Republic featuring a developer walkthrough for ‘The Esseles’.

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Cpt_kitten2611d ago

ugh can only wait but i dont want too

MasterCornholio2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

I hate freaking bioware. Release it already the wait is killing me.

BTW i am not 2 keen on specs but this is my laptop

Will it run this title?

Seanabon2611d ago


Type the game into the box and let the program do its thing it will tell you if you can run it and if you can't it will tell you whats holding you back.


No_Pantaloons2611d ago

The narration is so cheesy I couldn't finish the video. Play-by-play of video games just doesn't work. The gameplay looks alright I guess, but still would have rather had kotor3 and 4, maybe even 5 with the amount of time they've been working on this.

moaradin2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

This game is larger than 10 KOTOR's, so no point. This is better in every way.

Hifist12611d ago

Looks so darn awesome. C'mon release it already.

a08andan2611d ago

As much as I love MMO:s, I am a bit worried about SWTOR. For me, judging by this video, it is very very similar to World of Warcraft in a lot of ways. To many ways. One thing that really stands out, is that attacks has cool-downs. For me, a Jedi who can't attack all the time, isn't really a jedi. It is not logical, although I understand why they have it; It makes it a lot easier to balance the game. But it is wrong in my opinion. I do not like gameplay-mechanics that only limit what I can do. I am afraid, from a gamer point-of-view that this will feel to much like a WoW-clone. Please Bioware, prove me wrong!