7.0 ~ Captain America: Super Soldier | Review (DS)

Aron Deppert writes: "Not only has this been a summer full of super hero themed blockbuster movies, but it has also been a summer filled with super hero themed lackluster games to tie in to these movies. I tried really, really hard to like Thor: God of Thunder and Green Lantern: The Rise of the Manhunters. They both felt like drab games that had been rushed to be released in time to sorta-kinda tie-in to their respective movies. Naturally, you can appreciate the trepidation with which I approached Captain America: Super Soldier, especially since it was developed by Griptonite who did the aforementioned Green Lantern game. However, I was surprised to find an enjoyable 2D brawler seasoned with a bit of nostalgia a gamer of my advancing years can appreciate."

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Moduserous2546d ago

I'm surprised the game got decent marks. Movie tie ins, especially super hero ones, almost always flop.

Desert Turtle2546d ago

Captain America would be cool if he didn't use a trash can lid for a weapon.