Brink DLC next week, free for 2 weeks

Agents of Change, the long-awaited DLC for Brink, will be available next week, on August 3rd, for all PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Bethesda's just announced.

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trainsinrdr2576d ago

This is a good technique because everyone that see's the free dlc will download it because its FREE!!!
And then they will be like since I have this free dlc I might aswell buy the game and use it xD
But not me!
Because brink sucks.

Cpt_kitten2576d ago

brink is awesome, but im guessing your use playing call of duty and corner camping vs working as a team and completing objectives.....nothing wrong with that but don't troll cause of your inability to cooperate

EazyC2576d ago

Brink: Fantastic idea, mediocre execution.

ElectricB2576d ago

Brink needs work. But the SMART system is brilliant, I struggle going back to CoD and BFBC 2 because they're so restrictive.

Blaze9292576d ago

Sold the game in a week after it came out. Terrible launch. Dunno if the fixed the issues yet though. Dont care

Salarian2576d ago

When the game works, it's actually fantastic. The SMART system is effortless, but also allows for manual use so people can become better at it.
And the classes/body types are balanced perfectly so that there is no useless combination.

The problem is that the game generally doesn't work, and getting to a point where it does is tedious.