New Screenshots of Saints Row: The Third

THQ has send out a new batch of Screenshots from Saints Row: The Third.

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MasterD9192611d ago

I love how over-the-top this game is...Cant wait!

BlmThug2611d ago

This game will keep me entertained for months, maybe years

Deadman_Senji2611d ago

I like how the player character isn't personified as a ghetto hood rat in the marketing posters this time around. Maybe they realized the bling bling smack yo bitch pop a cap in his ass shit is FINALLY over with.

Is anybody else a little happy to see that "culture" starting to die off in video games? Maybe now we can get rid of all the army shit and bald space *insert profession here* and finally start seeing some fucking originality. Maybe somebody just needs to be hired to hit the idea guys in the head with a golf club every day. You know, get em motivated. Get those idea juices flowing.