Sorry, America, Still No Xenoblade Chronicles for You

Kotaku's Luke Plunkett writes, "Not that this will be too big a surprise for suffering American Wii owners, but in Nintendo's latest release schedule (out today), there's still no mention of Xenoblade Chronicles being due for North America."

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tiffac2304d ago

Sadness... but I'm still hoping >.<

Infernostew2303d ago

This doesn't make me sympathize with nintendo's current crisis. Give me this game in America!

tunaks12303d ago

its over.
Just import it from Zavvi, £29.85 and free international shipping.

lepolohuevo2303d ago

Can't. Need to mod my Wii but i can't because my firmware is at 4.3 and mods only works at 4.2 or lower. And since this is a new game, my system would need to be updated so nope.
Fuck you Nintendo of America and Nintendo in general for taking the most stupid fucking decisions of this entire gen, and probably the next.

tunaks12303d ago

works on Wii 4.3, then block the update through GeckOS. Yes we have to jump through hoops, thank NoA for that.

Darkseeker2303d ago

Seriously people, just import, pirate or do whatever you want that float your boat, because at this point, it's looking very very very grim.

Deadman_Senji2303d ago

How about I just don't buy the fucking game at all?

TheGreenMan2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

Because that would amount to taking out your frustration on Monolith Soft (the developer), when they have nothing to do with this. This is Nintendo dropping the ball.

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