Rock Band 3 gets a healthy dose of Beastie Boys, Heart, et al Aug. 2nd


Next week, apparently, because August 2nd, 2011 marks the arrival of more of what you love, some of what you’ve been missing and an extra funky kick in the patoot.

As such, you’ll be getting singles from The Beastie Boys, Heart, James Brown and Rufus with partner in crime Chaka Khan. And some of these have PRO Upgrades for Guitar and Bass alongside the usual tiny plastic instrument support. Full list right here!

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AronDeppert2543d ago

Love me some Beastie Boys!

BinaryMind2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

Cancer Bats did the Beastie Boys better than the Beastie Boys.

The Make Some Noise video is really good though.

Moduserous2543d ago

When are they going to introduce some Wham! into Rock Band? Or maybe some Englebert Humperdink.

Cpt_kitten2543d ago

im still waiting for dragonland to go on rock band, awesome band

we need them instead of some rappers acting as if they are playing rock

MrDead2543d ago

Beastie Boys started as a punk rock band and now they are hip hop. They can rock just fine kid.

Halow2543d ago

No.. they can't.. their punk was terrible and what kind of punk band goes hip hop. Beastie Boys are terrible, they always have and always will be.

Cpt_kitten2543d ago

Thank you Halow you sir are a good man

they also need to put on more bless the fall they only have 1 song from them

MrDead2543d ago

bless the fall...... oh dear, no helping todays young

Sidology2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

Damn kids today don't know a thing about music. But I'm all about dadrock.

But I do loves me some Beasties.

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RoboSpiff2543d ago

I require The Protomen to be added to rockband.