Robert Bowling: Battlefield 3 fans are “passionate” not annoying

The intense rivalry between Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 – and fans of both franchises – doesn’t bother Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling one bit. After all, “it’s what games have been forever.”

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vglulz2573d ago

Bowling has always came across as a humble guy. Props to him for that.

EYEamNUMBER12573d ago

not annoying he says LOL not from what i have seen

killalot1002573d ago

They are very annoying the closer we get to release.

BeaArthur2573d ago

Nobody is more annoying that a CoD fan.

EYEamNUMBER12573d ago


COD fans are annoying but COD fans keep to themselves most of the time they stay in the COD circle
while battlefield 3 fans go out of their way on a daily basis to constantly go into said COD circle and bash the fans and COD

so a battlefield 3 fan is no better

BeaArthur2573d ago

EYEamNUMBER1...actually Call of Duty fans infest other games and beat the crap out of the message boards until they get the game nerfed to their liking.

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DiLeCtioN2573d ago

humbly gassed with weed. guy looks high every time I see his face

MasterD9192573d ago

RB isn't a bad guy at all IMO...He seems far more genuine than the other guys over there at IW.

I actually enjoy hearing what he says about MW3 because he doesn't sugarcoat it. These guys know BF3 is going to eat away at their market regardless.

CrimsonEngage2573d ago

Not sure what it is about his face, but it makes me want to punch a small child.

JellyJelly2573d ago

Why would anyone ever want to punch a small child?

nopunctuation2573d ago

You dont experience much stress do you?

sack_boi2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

Off course, you don't have the balls to walk up to a big black guy and punch him in the face, so you punch a small child instead.

***you're mai heero***

CrimsonEngage2573d ago

Actually I have punched a black guy in the face before. Many fist fights in my High School days.

SephirothX212573d ago

Why a black guy? Why not a mexican?

MidnytRain2573d ago

You obviously are ignorant when it comes to messing with black people. XD

Series_IIa2573d ago

The ones who are annoying are the ones who have only played bad company 2,jump on the cod hate band wagon and are suddenly BF experts...

vickers5002572d ago

Kind of seems like hatred of CoD bred new fans for battlefield. I remember nobody gave a sh*t about Bad Company 1 before or after it was released, but after Call of Duty started going to sh*t and people hated it, everyone was like "Bad Company 2 will destroy CoD, COD sucks compared to BC, BC2 will be the greatest ever".

Seems like a lot of the fans only cared about the rivalry, and cared little about the games themselves. That seems to be happening with BF3/MW3 as well. I mean damn, just be excited about the actual game, not whether or not it's going to outsell/kick the other games ass.

This stupid rivalry is juvenile and comparing the two games is stupid, as they are both massively different in how they play.

DiffusionE2573d ago

Yeeeeah suuure. And what was it that he said about PC gamers complaining about several MW2 issues before it's release?.........

nopunctuation2573d ago

All fans are annoying. fact.

Hockeydud192573d ago

I like how this article tries to show some good coming out of the competition and yet all these people still jump on the EA sucks and crap. The maturity level on here is second to none haha

Imalwaysright2573d ago

Exactly fans can be arrogant or condescending and its almost impossible to have a rational argument with them.

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