Upcoming MMOs to Drool and Obsess Over

While Star Wars: The Old Republic is one of the most highly-anticipated MMOs currently in development, there are several others that are also gaining interest and momentum. These are the games that players are frothing for, the games that we most want in our hot little hands.

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Perjoss2549d ago

the game itself could be a giant poop, but the art style is amazing, I think they have some serious talent on the B&S team. Looking forward to seeing how B&S turns out, not that I have time to play mmo games :(

Jocosta2549d ago

I cannot play MMO's, I have work and school. When I do play I am constantly the frigging noob, I wish there was something I could play where I am not at the mercy of people that play hours per day.

siliticx2548d ago

Surprisingly theres this whole genre called "TSPORPG" ...
the Totally Single Player Offline RPG.

Surprisingly, games like Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Skyrim, diablo 3 and the like still exists!

Jocosta2548d ago

That was so very helpful, and your sarcasm is not lost on me.

Cpt_kitten2549d ago

the Secret world im looking forward too, especially cause it has the devs from dreamfall on it that game was great

but star wars should have been on there

Ser2549d ago

Ditto. Bring it on!

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