Vindictus coming to Europe this Autumn + 12 Brand New Screenshots

DSOGaming writes: "MMORPG fans, get ready because the incredible Vindictus is coming to Europe this Autumn and in order to celebrate it, NEXON Europe launhed today a brand new teaser website for it."

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Chrono2486d ago

Been waiting for this long enough

Hozi892486d ago

Europe alone? When will the rest of the world get to enjoy this? I've been waiting for over 2 years now...

ATi_Elite2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

What the can play this now in the USA!

it's been here for a while least most of 2011. and yes you have been missing gotta stay

here's the link to download the game and enjoy....oh it's Free 2 Play.

Hozi892483d ago

Thats great and all but I don't currently live in USA. I'm doing College in the caribbeans atm, and the last time I checked we wern't on the list of people who could play it.

EL1TE2486d ago

Sad, this autumn means it will compete with Guild Wars 2 and TERA, which honestly i think i won't be playing this as i have stuff from Guild Wars to import into the second one.

Chrono2486d ago

At least it's free, unlike the other two that you mentioned.

Enate2486d ago

You buy guild wars 2 one time and its free forever there after. Trust me its going to be well worth the purchase over any free mmo. Vindictus was cool don't get me wrong and its got a flavor all its own in the mmo world. Though guild wars 2 is on another level.

The amount of smart innovation going into guild wars 2 is amazing. They have gotten rid of so many stigmas that have rained over every mmo since the first. Not to mention the amount of content and the way you go through it all. The leveling system I mean I could go on.

An this is coming from someone who has been through about 30+ mmo's. When you've been through that many of every possible kind. You can't help but be excited about a truly new direction that gets rid of everything you hate in an mmo.

EL1TE2486d ago

True, but that doesn't take the hype away from me.

ATi_Elite2486d ago

I play Vindictus every once and a while not that it's bad or anything just too many other titles to play.

This fall i'll be playing TERA and Firefall for sure as those MMO's look really really good. I may play the Secret World also.