Nintendo's Former President Loses a Fortune

Yamauchi is the 83-year old former president of Nintendo. Retiring in 2002 after running the company his great-grandfather founded, Yamauchi is estimated to still own about 10 percent of Nintendo's stock. Yesterday's drop could have cost the former executive, who ran Nintendo for 53 years, as much as $312 million according to Bloomberg.

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CrescentFang2547d ago

Well I have no comment on how rich he is, but I remember reading about him and his family problems... I hope he has sorted that out by now...

P.S. I think the richest woman in Japan is the mangaka who made Ranma 1/2 and Inuyasha, I'm sorry for not knowing any of her other series... Not a huge fan of hers (I don't even know her name!) though I plan on reading her manga sometime in the future...

Venjense2547d ago

It's a stock, volatility is to be expected.

tiffac2547d ago

I believe the guy is a billionaire, losing millions will won't hit him that hard.

ChickeyCantor2546d ago

Millions to them are a thousand( and perhaps 100) to us.

Loosing money sucks, no matter what.

tiffac2546d ago

Good point.

Good thing it wasn't our money ^^;;