Serious Sam 3 Still Launching on Steam: A Pop at EA’s Origin?

Ironhammers writes: If you’ve read any Ironhammers coverage on Serious Sam developers, Devolver Digital, before, you’ll know that their press releases are often rather comical — replicating the balls-to-the-wall attitude of the games that they release. The latest retains that manner, but appears to have little purpose other than to take a pop at Electronic Arts and their Origin service. Announcing that Serious Sam 3: BFE will still be releasing on Steam.

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AKissFromDaddy2401d ago

1. Its too funny.
2. Its not even discrete about making fun of EA/Origin.
3. Its awesome.
4. Its too funny.
5. Its too funny.

Dark_Overlord2401d ago

I was expecting the usual lame try to be funny crap, but I agree with you, this was genuinely funny :D