Risen 2 won't suck on consoles

The console version of Risen was quite the turkey, but Risen 2′s console editions will be of “higher quality”, since developer Piranha Bytes is ensuring there’s no lead platform this time around.

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slavish2544d ago

We will have to wait and see. Risen was a very bad port on console so they have ALOT of work.

Jocosta2544d ago

Pssst, the Risen series isn't that good to begin with on PC.

fossilfern2544d ago

I got it during the steam sale think its pretty good but it was like £4 or something so cant complain

zero_cool2544d ago

Yeah are they gonna cancel this game on PS3 as well like they did with Arcania Gothic IV because if that's the case i won't even give my hopes up high on this coming out on PS3 & move on to other action rpgs that are more worth my attention.

andy16642544d ago

Risen was the first rpg that i've played loved the console version even though it was'nt perfect

@zero Arcania Gothic IV was made by JoWooD Entertainment the same people who took Gothic 3 development away from Piranha Bytes. They went bust so we might get lucky this time