Angry Birds Creator Rovio Opening New Operations in China

Rovio Entertainment, creator of Angry Birds, the video game for mobile platforms that has become a worldwide phenomenon, today announced the opening of corporate and marketing operations in China.

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Inside_out2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

China @ 1.3 billion people is a market that more and more people want in on. The Chinese of course are the worst country the elites could of picked to make the manufacturing capitol of the world...they now realize that. SOoooo....

They have wisely moved on to Brazil and India...countries that don't require you to sign over half or all your patents in order to gain access to their markets.

China is not interest in any kind of assimilation...I say good. The next 10 years will see India and Brazil emerge as the go to places while China will wonder why they are hated everywhere and wonder how they will feed all those 1.3 billion and counting unemployed workforce...they brought it on themselves.

olLANDSHARKlo2576d ago

Never understood the liking for this game, it is so stupid. I mean if this was released in the 1980's then it would have been ok.

lizard812882576d ago

Holy crap, i know. I played the game online, and....and don't see the big deal. if this was released via console, it would have bombed. I guess it works because its a time waster? IDK..

fear882576d ago

One Word. Fad.

Something else will assume its popularity and the world will move on.

The game will end up being dropped hard by the consumers once there is something "new" to experience. I remember InsaneAquarium by PopCap. Same thing.

If Rovio is serious about any sort of growth for the long haul they would stop whoring out the franchise and focus on their next project.

But I feel for all the big talk Rovio was doing, they are going to end up losing in the market due to their obnoxiously comfortable position. Same with Zynga. You can only put the same product out so many times until someone creates a fresh idea that people leap to as the next "in" thing.