Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer

Square Enix has finally released the Japanese E3 trailer of Final Fantasy XIII-2.

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HaHa_Ostrich2615d ago

I am still hesitating with XIII. I liked X and XII. All the bitching and dissapointment aside, is XIII good? Should I get it and get hyped for sequel (or should I just wait for Xillia)?

HeavenlySnipes2615d ago

exploration, so all there is to do is the main quest. Characters and melodramatic overacting aside, the biggest flaw with the game was the combat system and the linearity. Due to you being restrained to thew corridors SE is leading you on, all there is to do is fight monsters. The thing is is that the fighting itself was terrible.

It consisted of just pressing autobattle over and over, and to make it "harder" later in the game, Square decides to make nearly every enemy take barely any damage unless you get them into critical mode (you do this by spamming them with their weakness). This makes normally 20-30 second battles into 2 min ones. The main plot was good, but the gameplay was to unbearable for me to keep going after I reached the 20 hour mark.

If you loved everything about FF12 (like I did) be warned, FF13 is almost the complete opposite.

Tdmd2615d ago

Couldn't agree more. My hope is that XIII-2 is more like XII than XIII...

otakukidd2615d ago

I'm one of the people that actually did like xiii. It is a bit linear but I loved the battle system. Ive beaten 7 through 13(except 11) and my least favorite was 12. I liked 13 way more than 12 especially the battle system.

Peaceful_Jelly2615d ago

this trailer is like 2 months old.

BBCnewsrocks2615d ago

For all the bitching and hate that FFXIII got, and XIII-2 will get, some of which will come from me - I'll still buy it anyway.

It's like CoD, the game everyone loves to hate but still buys anyway.

tiffac2615d ago

Lightning and Serah are Hotrogens FFXIII-2 will sell for sure. lol!

CLOUD19832614d ago

SE last 10 years developers diary:

FFX-2 - fail
FFXII - fail
FFVII: Crisis Core - fail
FFXIII - fail
FFXIII-2 - fail ofc.. who want sequel of the worst FF ever?
FFXIII: type-0 - fail (same idiotic battle system like CC )

FF Versus XIII - ? (battle system sucks too action for my tastes it doesn't feel like FF anymore that's what happen from the moment SE and Wada decide that old fans opinion doesn't matter and they must do something for non-JRPG fans and XBOX shooter-freaks to like it take your westernized games and put it in your @ss SE-r3tards.

FF die after FFX last turn based FF with descent story.
R.I.P. Squaresoft

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