Five ways to save Red Faction

OXM UK talks bringing Volition's Martian escapade back from the dead.

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trainsinrdr2545d ago

Make it open world again.

Cpt_kitten2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

the open world was a distraction in Guerrilla could never finish it cause i was always distracted, this new one was perfectly fine if people stopped crying for a second to play it

lol people that disagree are the ones im talking about, not being about to stop crying cause the game isnt made like call of duty, it follows a story heaven forbid games do that

WhiteLightning2545d ago

People want it opened world again and your saying they want it like COD...

Last time I checked COD wasn't an open world game

jozzah2545d ago

Your complaining about being distracted, about increasing your time in the game. Kudos sir......

Man this sucks I keep wanting to play the missions but I"m constantly getting distracted by the freedom I'm given!

Cpt_kitten2545d ago

lol jozzah oh yeah....what going to happen have to do 17930278 side missions before you can continue

if i wanted to play an open world game with no story id play gta but the story in RF is important if you are competent enough to follow it from game 1

jozzah2544d ago

The thing is you don't actually have to complete the side missions in Red Faction Guerilla :O I know crazy isn't it! If you want to focus on the story then just play the main missions, it's hardly anyone else's fault that you get distracted.

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Solidus187-SCMilk2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

I really loved the first red faction how you could destroy the rocks. I also really liked RFG and the open world as well. I liked how you could chose what missions to do, so I would always choose destruction ones.

I really thought the demo of the newest one was horrible tho and would not want to play more of that game at all.

I would love if they brought back the openworld and added some destruction to the rocks like in the first one.

They could have a mission where you tunnel into a base from the rocks and then blow it up from the inside.

Ive always loved the RF series for the destruction, that noone else does much of. I would like it to come back as a FPS or open world , as long as it wasnt like the last one.

MasterD9192545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

Go back to Red Faction 2 and make it an FPS- Thats how.

I did enjoy Guerrilla much so I still own it.

dirigiblebill2545d ago

I doubt an FPS would sell. When it comes to the FPS, you're either Halo, CoD, BF or nobody.

Average_Joe2545d ago

I loved Red Faction Guerrilla, why did they take out the online modes? I thought that was huge in the success the previous Red Faction saw.

Sad to see another quality IP bite the dust.

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