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"As a JRPG fan, it was hard for me to be excited for Catherine at first. Here was one of my favorite JRPG teams taking a slight hiatus from the genre and making what turned out to be a puzzle game with a sexually charged story. While this might seem like quite a departure from the Persona series at first, there is definitely still a distinct feel about the game that makes it clear who the developers are: from the crazy soundtrack to the dark supernatural story. Persona 5 this is not, but it’s definitely still a great game in its own right." - Karl Koebke

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bmw692667d ago

Great game - definitely picking this one up

Runa2162667d ago

what an odd pairing of genres!

Spectator12667d ago

Looks like it paid off though!

naznatips2667d ago

I love this game. It's the most challenging puzzler I've played in a long time.

nix2667d ago

this and El Shaddai.

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