XCOM preview (BeefJack)

BeefJack: "Instead of a true X-COM game, it looks like we’re getting a more ambitious Call of Duty In Space."

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Triggs2578d ago

X-COM:UFO Defense (a.k.a. UFO: Enemy Unknown) was a great game in the 90's, and it became a hit mostly by word of mouth. It didn't have much advertising in my personal view, and the game could have been easily dismissed as "what garbage" at first look. But once playted for the first time and once the player grasped the game's mechanics, the game fed the player's hunger to know what's going on by discovering what the aliens are up to, and the need to capture and research the aliens themselves and their technology (so that your XCOM organization will be more capable of fighting them).

I wouldn't mind a reboot as long as they keep that sense of rewarding discovery all throughout the game. I would have loved if this title used the turn-based tactical strategy system for combat, but I think this game is worth a try. The oily alien thing is facinating enough to keep us wondering "what the hell is that thing"...maybe I could capture one (or would one vial be enough, or would it take a whole barrel of it to start a more effective research project). Hopefully we'll meet more solid enemies down the road (get it? more solid, not oily? hehehe). We'll see...