EA: Origin “will allow us to make better games”

Origin will be “ideal” for DLC and microtransactions, says EA’s Jeff Karp, and it will be a service that “benefits everyone”, whether they are on PC, console or mobile.

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Inside_out2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

Apple has all this covered already and it's Apple's ecosystem that everyone wants to copy.

I don't like EA or their business practices but they are on the right track...unfortunately, because they want every dollar for themselves, this will lead other devs and pubs to follow the same path and many are already.

Unfortunately, this is the way it's going to go. A flat screen with a bunch of Icons on it. You want music from this band, click on their icon and download, want this game, click on the dev or pub and away you go. Cutting out the middle man is easy as technology has made them redundant.

jakethesnake2546d ago

Really funny EA. Just hilarious. Explain to me how DLC and micro-transactions 'benefit everyone'? Unless by everyone you mean EA and it's shareholders....

JsonHenry2546d ago

Yeah, I'm not buying this either. When you stop bastardizing my favorite game, Command and Conquer, then I might be inclined to believe you. Until then keep your origin out of my games.

Calm Down Sunshine2546d ago

I think your definition of 'better' is a little skewed.

forcefullpower2546d ago

EA's Real Words.

we wont allow valve any DLC because they would give there customer discounts and cheap deal. But we want all the money and want to charge full or over priced packs.

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