Obsidian prove themselves as New Vegas sales approach 5 million

After the rather poorly received Alpha Protocol, Obsidian Entertainment needed to deliver with their next game, and they have done with New Vegas performing well.

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Raendom2608d ago

Wow, I guess people REALLY love Fallouts world now :o

I have NV too and thought the story was better than 3's by a landslide and so were the new mechinics like proper FPS and cool weapon upgrades. :D

ShadesMoolah2607d ago

It's a popular and likeable series.

MasterD9192608d ago

Here's to hoping that Fallout 4 comes out sooner than later. One of my favorite gaming series of all time. New Vegas was great and so was Fallout 3 (especially the GOTY). Next game needs an upgrade though...that is for sure.

RaidensRising2608d ago

Playing NV now. Really good stuff. Hated Alpha Protocol though.

bunt-custardly2607d ago

Props to Obsidian, obviously they're greatly aided with the success of Bethesda's Fallout 3, so had much in place already with regards to setting and basic mechanics.

Maybe Obsidian will become the Treyarch of Fallout, and Bethesda then considered Infinity Ward.

ShadesMoolah2607d ago

that's an obscure remark to make.

Hicken2607d ago

New Vegas has also been at less than Fallout 3 for months.